Doing business with The Colony

City of The Colony Purchasing Mission:

The mission of the Purchasing Office is to provide our internal customers, the using departments, with quality products and services when needed, at reasonable costs. In order to accomplish our mission, we will obtain the best value (quality-price relationship) consistent with approved budgets.

Commitment to Vendors and Contractors: We believe in competition; therefore, the Purchasing Office is committed to giving all vendors and contractors an equal chance to do business with the City of The Colony. The Purchasing Agent will treat vendors fairly and with respect. If you feel you haven't been treated properly, please let us know.

Vendors will be seen between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. It is strongly suggested that you make an appointment or call before you come to the purchasing office. The City doesn't want you to waste your time if there is not going to be anyone available to see you.

Rules: The Purchasing Office is subject to the City's Charter, State Statutes, City Ordinances, and Management's Directives in carrying out the City's Purchasing Policies and Procedures. The City feels that the rules result in open and fair competition for our vendors and contractors and the best value for our taxpayers.

Encourage Participation:

The City wants all qualified vendors of goods and services to participate in the bidding process. We do not give preferences to any vendors; however, we encourage participation by businesses located within the city limits of The Colony and by Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB'S). Certain contracts funded in part by the Federal Government have specific goals for HUB participation.

Non-discrimination Policy:

The City's policy is not to allow discrimination against any individual or company based on a person's age, sex, religion, or national origin. All employees and contractors working for the City of The Colony shall adhere to this policy.


How to Obtain Requests for Bids or Proposals:

All Requests For Bids (RFB) or Proposals (RFP) that cost $50,000 or more are advertised in The Colony Courier-Leader. Bids and Proposals will state a reply by date. Replies received after the stated date will not be accepted. No Requests For Bids or Requests For Proposals will be mailed to vendors unless formally requested. Bids (RFB) will also be posted on the BidSync web site at http://www.bidsync.com .


Submission of Application:

Vendors who wish to receive all bids, quotations and proposals without having to contact the Purchasing Office each time should contact BidSync at http://www.bidsync.com or by requesting a faxed registration form by calling (800) 990-9339. The City of The Colony uses BidSync to distribute and receive bids and proposals. There will be NO COST to the vendor for standard bids or proposals. For Cooperative Bids and Reverse Auctions ONLY , the successful Vendor(s) agree to pay to BidSync a transaction fee of two (2%) percent of the total awarded amount of all contracts for goods and/or services. Cooperative Bids and Reverse Auctions will be clearly marked as such on the bid documents . To assure that all Vendors are treated equally, the fee will be payable whether the bid/proposal is submitted electronically or by paper means. Refer to the BidSync web site for more information .

Departmental Purchases: The individual departments are empowered to make purchases, without the need of a Purchase Order, for items/services costing less than $3,000. For purchases between $1,000 and $2,999.99, the requesting department must obtain three written quotes or request that the Purchasing Agent obtain them by posting their quotation information on the City's BidSync web site at http://www.bidsync.com . Vendors should contact the Purchasing Agent before calling on individual departments. Purchasing will refer vendors to departments or advise the departments of vendors' offerings, whichever is appropriate. The individual departments are busy providing services to the City's residents and businesses and are not staffed to interview vendors.

Purchase Orders: Purchase Orders (PO's) must be issued before goods and services costing in excess of $3,000 can be ordered. If a vendor fails to secure a P.O. or a valid P.O. number before delivering goods or services, there is a possibility that the vendor will not receive payment for such unauthorized delivery of goods or services.

All invoices for amounts in excess of $3,000 must include the Purchase Order Number to facilitate prompt payment.



The City of The Colony is subject to the State Prompt Payment Act, which requires payment within thirty days of the receipt of both a valid invoice and the acceptance of goods and services.

Addresses and Phone Numbers:


Accounts Payable

Purchasing Agent - Alice Pitts

Accounts Payable - Becky Betancourt

City of The Colony
6800 Main Street
The Colony, TX 75056-1133
Phone : (972) 624-3145

City of The Colony
6800 Main Street
The Colony, TX 75056-1133
Phone : (972) 624-3141

Department Contacts

Please visit our Citizen Action Center to submit questions, requests, and receive informational emails.

Phone Directory
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm
Address:  6800 Main St. The Colony, Texas 75056
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