City Animal Services Ordinances

The Colony's Animal Services Ordinance can be viewed in PDF format by clicking here.

This Week's Highlighted Ordinances:

Sec. 5-3 (a)

Public nuisances.

Animals creating disturbances. No person shall willfully or knowingly keep or harbor on his premises or elsewhere any animal of any kind that makes or creates an unreasonable disturbance of the residents or the occupants within 300 feet of the owner's property perimeter, or permit such animal to make or create disturbing noises by barking, whining, howling, crowing, bawling or otherwise. A person shall be deemed to have willfully and knowingly violated terms of this subsection if such person shall have been notified by an animal control officer or any police officer of such disturbance and shall have failed or refused to correct such disturbance and prevent its recurrence.

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